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Private Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon Lift-off

Spend a most memorable hour aloft with that special person in your life. Whether its a birthday, anniversary, engagement (Yes, couples have gotten engaged on board), wedding, retirement, promotion, special award or just plain fun we'll make sure that you take cherished memories back with you.

Cameras are welcome, actually encouraged. Dress as though you are going for a walk in the park and remember water resistant shoes are helpful in the morning dew. We offer a beverage of your choice at the end of the flight and provide a certificate suitable for framing to commemorate the event.

Single Individual
Two People
Three People*
Four People*

*For safety reasons we have a 450 lb. total passenger weight limit. A couple with a child can all fly together if they are under this limitation. Three or four adults will normally exceed this limitation. We can swap passengers mid-flight so everyone can fly, however, flight duration will be less than an hour for swapped passengers.

Balloon Tether for Special Events $1,495
Balloon Glow After Dark
Make your next party, employee picnic, grand opening or special event a real hit by offering tethered hot air balloon rides to all who want to participate. Using sturdy long ropes, we anchor the balloon to three vehicles parked in a large triangle. This anchoring system allows us to carry many passengers up to tree top level and back down during a single event anywhere in the greater Nashville, Lebanon or Murfreesboro area.

Tethered balloon rides require very light winds for obvious safety reasons. Such events are typically scheduled around sunset in a large yard or open field clear of power lines. Since the balloon remains anchored, the rides can proceed into the twilight hour. This adds a spectacular balloon glow to your special event.

Commercial Banners

Hot Air Balloon Lift-off Hot air balloons make great floating billboards that can reach thousands of eyeballs in a single flight. Our envelope is designed to accentuate your message by placing it right in the middle of the big yellow rectangle. There are no dark colors behind the banner area which makes your message easy to read during balloon glows.

Our balloon also has a turning vent which allows us to slowly rotate in flight so we can point your message directly at the biggest audience such as a public event or busy highway. Please contact us if you would like to explore the potential of promoting your business or political candidacy with hot air balloon banner advertising.

Master Card VISA Card

A Few More Details...

We accept VISA and Mastercard, cash or personal check. Tether locations beyond 50 miles will have additional mileage charges.  Please note that all flight activity is subject rescheduling or cancellation due to changing weather conditions.  Safety is our top priority.  A final weather go/no-go decision will be made the evening before an AM flight or during the day of a PM flight.

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